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MediaWiki is installing itself by using an web-based, interactive installation script. Prior this script can be executed; several preparations need to be made. First of all it need to be ensured that Apache, PHP and MySQL are installed and a new Database for the MediaWiki was set up. Afterwards the MediaWiki software package needs to be downloaded from the MediaWiki homepage. Please install the software onto that server you want to run MediaWiki on.

Download MediaWiki Software

Please download MediaWiki from the official Download Page. If you do not have downloaded the file already, please do it now.

With Windows you can download the files to the server by using a FTP-software like FileZilla (Open Source Software). Please save the file while using XAMPP-Packets at folder ...\xampp\htdocs\.

With Linux please use the command “cd” to change to the directory /var/www/httpdocs or ../var/www/htdocs (path vary depending on the operating system). Now please type-in the following command into the prompt:


The software wget is a download manager. It helps you to download the MediaWiki archive into the folder you are in.

Doing so, the file mediawiki-1.11.0.tar.gz is automatically saved to the path /var/www/httpdocs bzw. /var/www/htdocs.

Annotation: The installation guidelines are conceived especially for MediaWiki release 1.11.0. In case the command from above did not work please proceed as followed:

  • 1. Go to the official MediaWiki Download page
  • 2. On the right hand side you can find the rubric Download a package and beneath the heading Current Version.
  • 3. Please click with the right mouse button on "mediawiki-..." and chose "Copy Link Address" out of the context menu (In case you cannot chose the button "Copy Link Address" please go to "Settings" within the context menu and copy the address of the new upcoming window.
  • 4. Replace the address behind the command wget using he new address you have copied in step 3. Please execute the command again.

Now you should be able to find your installation file with the name mediawiki-*.tar.gz now in folder ../var/www/httpdocs or ../var/www/htdocs. Unpack the files into this folder located on your server.

With Windows: This can be done by using software like 7-Zip (open source software), WinZip, WinRAR or IZArc.

With Linux you can unpack the files without using any kind of software. You just have to type in the following command:

tar xvzf mediawiki-1.11.0.tar.gz

Annotation: In case you have updated the version you have to adjust the command according to the new file name. If the installation was correct following folder directory is the result. (the little starlet represents the version id):


If you are using Linux or Unix, you rather can copy the file in any directory on your server. Doing so you have to create a virtual link from the web folder to that folder.

To not type in the whole name mediawiki-* over and over again when executing the Wiki, please change the name of the folder into wiki. You can do that within the prompt using the following command. Therefore you have to be in the httpdocs directory.

mv mediawiki-*/ wiki/

Folder Preparation

It is required that MediaWiki have the ability to write in the config-Folder while executing the installation script. If it is not done already, you have to set the config-Folder warranties to enable writing permission, now.

With Windows: If you are using FileZilla, please click with the right mouse button on the config-Folder and chose "attributes...". Now activate "Write" beneath "Owner". Dependent on the server configuration it might be, that all the FileZilla check boxes need to be activated to execute the installation script.

With Unix or Linux you can use the command chmod 755 config if you have admin rights. To do so you have to be within the wiki/ directory. With the Linux system-command chmod it is possible to change the access rights for folders and files.


If you have executed all the steps above the actual installation is completed. You can continue with Configuration of MediaWiki.


Please find the MediaWiki uninstall manual here.



Please answer the following questions. To review please click the button "Marking". If you reach less then 6 points it is recommended to read the MediaWiki Installation paragraph again.

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